Outline Of Company

Main office & factory  :

Jl. Jabebeka XIIB Blok W26, Kawasan Industri  Jababeka I, Desa Harjamekar, Kec. Cikarang Utara, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 17530. Phone: +62 21 8936733, Fax: +62 8936738

2nd office & factory  :

Jl. Lingkar Selatan, KM 8.5, Kelurahan Lebak      Denok, Kecamatan Citangkil, Kodya Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia 42442. Phone: +62 254 7840337

Date established  : 16 April 2019
Capital  : IDR. 50,000,000,000
Shareholder  : TOKKI LTD (99.9%), OKADA SANGYO CO., LTD (0.1%)
President Director  : Ryohichi Yunomae
Total employee  : 150
Bank  : MUFG Bank, Ltd, Jakarta Branch
Email address  : sales@tef.co.id
Website  : www.tef.co.id
Company Profile

PT TOKKI ENGINEERING AND FABRICATION (TEF) was founded in 2019 in Indonesia as a Group of TOKKI LTD. to supply fabricated products to Customers all the world with high quality and reasonable price.

TEF has been focusing fabrication of stainless steel or higher grade materials, such as Ni base alloys materials, Titanium etc., well known as exotic materials.

Main products of TEF are pressure vessels such as reactor, vessel, tank, heat exchanger, tower, & prefabricated piping for petrochemical, oil & gas and pharmaceutical industries, and fabricated products for industrial heating such as muffle, radiant tube, rotary kiln, tray, basket, etc., including repairing of fabricated products and repair work at site.

We have been acquiring for the following quality certifications:

  1. ISO9001-2015.
  2. ASME U and R stamp.
  3. The National Board Certificate.
  4. MIGAS Certificate.
  5. EBTKE Certificate.
  6. KEMNAKER Certificate.

And we also can comply other Pressure Vessel Code such as Japanese Code, DOSH (Malaysia) and MOM (Singapore).

TEF business history
Organisation Chart

Parent Company

Parent company of PT. Tokki Engineering and Fabrication is Tokki Co,. Ltd
Detail of the company and business of Tokki Co,. Ltd is as shown in the following website :